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About Shopstainable

What is Shopstainable?

Shopstainable.com is a webshop with a social and sustainable twist. The founder of Shopstainable, Lauro Relenas, has Filipino roots and knows the Filipino language and culture. Shopstainable wants to contribute to combat poverty in the Philippines and also to reduce the mountains of plastic and other waste that the country is rich in. With every product you buy from us you already contribute to a social and sustainable society. 

What does Shopstainable do?

We work together with Filipino social entrepreneurs that make products from as many upcycled, recycled, indigenous fabrics and natural materials as possible. We also work with companies that consciously work with sustainable materials and support the above principles

Why does Shopstainable do it?

These social enterprises, with which we work together, give the less fortunate (artisans) the opportunity to earn their living by guiding and training to make these products. The artisans receive a compensation or a fixed salary for this. And it does not stop here: there is also guidance on how to deal with their finances. In this way they learn to handle money better and also have something left to send their children to school.

Shopstainable.com webshop offers these companies a platform to sell their products, which are usually handmade, outside their local markets. We work as little as possible with third parties, so that the artisans of the social enterprises get the right price for their products. In this way we also strive to preserve the traditional crafts and techniques for future generations.