Indy Satchel

  • Brand: Siklo Pilipinas
  • Product Code: Tyre bag
  • Size (cm) : 30.00 x 6.00 x 32.00
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  • Ex Tax: 40.50€
  • It is a satchel but the design is called a saddle bag. Never mind the confusion, it's the best seller! It constantly tops the all-time favorite from the Siklo Pilipinas collection. It's an ultimate attention grabber. The winning edge perhaps is due to its simplistic, intuitive design such as 'a tyre is round'. The MTB tyre side wall compliments the heavy canvas body. Everything is tough and indestructible by the looks of it. And by the same looks of it, it never misses catching attention. Opening the roll-up top, you conveniently access the single inside pocket. Two more pockets layered at the front exterior to confuse you a bit on which one goes to where. The 1.5" combat strap compliments the entire look. Surprisingly, it appeals to any gender and to a really wide age bracket. A true novelty, it is available in several colors and material variations to match your taste.

    Dimensions: 30cm x 6cm x 32cm

    Volume: Approx 3.5 liters

    Tags: Tyre, MTB tyre, indestructible, low carbon footprint, handmade in the philippines, zero waste