Bambler - 525ml

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  • Say hello to your new eco-friendly travel buddy 'coz the new Bambler is finally here!

    Bigger at 18oz (532ml), you can bring it wherever you go with its on-the-go handle, and you can even put it on either smooth or rough flat surface so you don't need to worry that your Bambler will slip or chip the wood on the bottom.

    Because it is made from recycled and responsibly-sourced Kawayan or Bamboo Wood, you can ensure that your commitment to sustainable living isn't ruined by tacky travel plastic containers which, by the way, are terrible for the environment. Thanks to our years in creating eco-friendly sustainable products, the 304-Stainless Steel Bambler is a vacuum-insulated and BPA-Free tumbler with a spill-safe grip and leak-proof lid. It is perfect for travelling your hot or cold beverage. It is guaranteed to maintain cold temperature for 24 hours and hot temperature for 12 hours under normal room temperature.

    Gross Weight: 450 grams

    Did you know? If you purchase a product from us, we will plant and take care of a tree as part of our mission????

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